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Armchair Detective

Chris Clark

(A retired British Police Intelligence Officer)

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Possible further killings by Yorkshire Ripper?

Was Yorkshire Ripper behind Maria Burke St Albans assault ?

Ripper killed five more says ex-cop (‘At least 20 attacks’)

Ripper’s ‘5 new kills’                        

Cops bury files on unsolved murder for 95 years

Could Ripper’s death tally could be as high as 30?

Did the Yorkshire Ripper Kill 17 more women?

Unsolved murder not linked to Peter Sutcliffe

Possible Ripper link to Sutton Bank murder

Mayo and Sewell murders - ‘links’ the Yorkshire Ripper?

Murdered women could have been victims of the Yorkshire Ripper

Unsolved murders the work of the Yorkshire Ripper?            

Articles of Interest Relating to the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’

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Murder evidence ‘buried’

Wendy Sewell Pathologist’s report possible link to Yorkshire Ripper

BBC news Derby – Pathology report ‘contradicts conviction’

‘Bakewell Tart’ case reopened – Possible link to Ripper?

New light shed on Wendy Sewell murder

Ripper’s possible 14th victim?

Were murdered girls victim of the Ripper?

Ripper link to murder victim?

Did Ripper strike in Peckham?

Ripper is linked to unsolved murder

Catalogue of’ unsolved murders have hallmark of Sutcliffe

Ripper ‘linked to London murders’

Latest Articles   

Double killer Christopher Halliwell could be linked to 27 more murders, book claims

Did murderer kill Janine - and over 25 other women?

North Wales Police pick up North Yorks Enquirer leads by Tim Hicks & Chris Clark

Mum of missing Claudia Lawrence urges cops to investigate killer cabbie amid pond search

Newcastle woman who fears Yorkshire Ripper murdered her sister begs monster to confess to killing

Ex-cop says fresh probe must go ahead - Ripper had 30 more victims - clues link murders to Sutcliffe

'I think Yorkshire Ripper killed my sister - I want to hear him confess before he dies'

CYBER SLEUTHS We’re ‘armchair detectives’ investigating grim cold cases from home

Claudia: Halliwell antecedent investigation re-assessed

The Ripper’s Lorry Murders 4: Doncaster & Sheffield

Ex-policeman says he can help track Lisa Hession’s killer

NYE - The Ripper’s Lorry Murders #2 (Tim Hicks & Chris Clark)

Daughter of woman murdered 25 years ago wants Christopher Halliwell questioned

The true crime page podcast - Interview with author Chris Clark

NYE - Avon & Somerset constabulary: appeal for assistance (Tim Hicks & Chris Clark)

The Ripper strikes North

Another possible victim of child killer John Taylor?  

Did Halliwell Murder Claudia Lawrence? PART TWO By Tim Hicks and Chtis Clark   See also Corruption Busters (Facebook page)

Did Melanie Hall fall prey to serial killer Halliwell?      See also Crimewatch Reconstruction

Did Halliwell Murder Claudia Lawrence?

Sister of ‘Yorkshire Ripper victim’ urges him to confess

Police Media Operations against NYE Halliwell Investigation

Detective Superintendent Fulcher: The TV Series 

Halliwell’s Undetected Victims

Rapist child killer suspected of 5 more murders

Halliwell: The Tees Murders

Corruption Busters (Facebook page)

Brother’s plea for new probe into killing

The disappearence of genette tate

Christopher Halliwell: The secret murders Part 3

Christopher Halliwell: The secret murders Part 2

Christopher Halliwell: The secret murders Part 1

Cold case expert draws up dossier on 3 unsolved crimes

Christopher Halliwell: How Many Victims?

Christopher Halliwell and Peter Sutcliffe compared

Operation Velum: A very Welsh cover-up

If police had listened to me Ripper’s last victims could still be alive

North Yorkshire Police and ‘The Ripper’

Nude in the Nettles- Was it Sutcliffe?

Peter Sutcliffe or “The Harrogate Ripper”?

Cold Case and the Serial Killer (analysing the findings of the book ‘The Face of Evil’ by Chris Clark and Robert Giles). 


The Interview of Robert Giles, Tim Tate and Chris Clark of the child serial killer Robert Black by Tanita Matthews of Real Crime Magazine. 

Death of Sir Lawrence Byford

Dr Katherine Ramsland’s Review of “Yorkshire Ripper - The Secret Murders”

Tim Hicks Review of “Yorkshire Ripper - The Secret Murders”

Did Peter Sutcliffe kill another 23 women and 1 man?

BBC News - The Ripper and two Swedish murders

Ripper Battered Me

Feature Article Peter Sutcliffe Real Crime Magazine

Book sheds light on 23 unsolved murder cases

Web of Death

Ripper killed teenage Scot says Ex Cop

Angus Sinclair Courier - Links to various murders

‘Dogwalk Slayer’ on the loose

Did the Yorshire Ripper Strike in Peckham?

How the Ripper got away with 23 'unsolved' murders: A chilling confession, a shocking cover-up and the terrible true toll of Sutcliffe's killing spree ..

Peter Sutcliffe butchered not 13 but THIRTY FIVE women and one MAN  and, according to a new book, police covered it up

Murders of Eve Stratford and Lynne Weedon – they ‘shared the same killer’.

Did sick serial kliller paedo Robert Black kill EIGHTEEN grirls?  

Paedophile Robert Black now linked to 19 murders over two decades

Yorkshire Ripper may face more murder charges as it emerges he told his father he was declared sane 15 years ago

Yorkshire Ripper ‘killed three men’ claims ex-police intelligence expert

Ripper may face more murder charges

Black’s16 Victims

Sex fiend linked to barmaid’s slaying

The Ripper’s ‘forgotten victims’

Ripper killed my Dad

Is Little Katrice Robert Black’s latest victim?

Did Helen Fleet's murderer kill two other women? | Somerset Live

Ripper brother: I’m sure he killed more


Articles of Interest Relating to Paedophiles & Murderers of Young Women

Sydney Cooke

Plea for police to quiz Sydney Cooke over missing boy

Chris Halliwell

Investigators want to check Chris Halliwell's 'trophy store' for 'link' to unsolved deaths

Evil killer taxi driver Christopher Halliwell linked to murders of three MORE young women

Taxi Driver killer link to three more girls’ murders

Cops check taxi killing claims

Fiend May Have Slain 23 Women

Robert Black

Cold Case and the Serial Killer (analysing the findings of the book ‘The Face of Evil’ by Chris Clark and Robert Giles). 

The Interview of Robert Giles, Tim Tate and Chris Clark of the child serial killer Robert Black by Tanita Matthews of Real Crime Magazine. 

Robert Black "The Face Of Evil" (extract From Chris Clark/Robert Giles book)

New Clue in April Riddle

Evil Black’s double kill plot

‘I fled killer Black’

Blacklisted – Robert Black linked to five other child murders

EDP 24 – Calls for fresh probe into serial killer’s links to April Fabb

EDP 24 – Retired police officer appeal for information about Robert Black

Haunted by a close brush with serial killer      

Did killer almost kidnap my wife?

Ex-policeman believes his wife was nearly victim of child killer  

Killer links to missing April Fabb?