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Armchair Detective

Chris Clark

(A retired British Police Intelligence Officer)

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The Urban Spaceman  

This sequel to my first book covers the second spell of fourteen years as a Police Constable and covers the closing of my Beat House and the others in my Section to a form of Response Section Motor Patrol which I was involved in for a short time before my return to Divisional/Sub Divisional Control Room duties during the second half of the 1980s after an absence of some four years which was by then becoming a specialist role during a period of pre-computer Control and Deploy.

During the mid-1980s I was trained as a Major Incident Room Researcher/Indexer and took part in a number of Major Crime Incidents as well as being once more the Deputy Local Intelligence Officer before fulfilling that role during the winter of 1987 some nine months after a particularly stressful period when I was arrested during that January upon malicious allegations of a sexual nature bailed and suspended from duty before being reinstated some two months later after my file came back from The Director of Public Prosecutions NFA.

Never having recovered from this ordeal I suffered PTSD (which was not diagnosed for a further 8 years) and spent the next four years as a respected LIO before being ousted out by a new regime of senior officers onto a Relief as Foot/Panda/Section Beat after fourteen years of not being on the streets without any form of retraining before a return into a very busy Control Room environment.

During November 1993 I was further arrested some six years after my original arrest and immediately returned to duty before the NFA finalisation from the DPP during April 1994 some six months later. I then experienced further personality clashes which eventually led to me suffering a full nervous breakdown and prolonged illness being pensioned off.

The final part of my story outlines my post retirement and eventual breakdown of family life and isolation for four years before finding a person who believed in me and my return to living and book writing which I find is the best therapy for my ongoing PTSD.